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Dusi must read!!!

Hi Guys… Sorry for delay with an update. I know I have een slack, but here it is!!!

Firstly, my super Dusi second has written a great little piece on his experience at the great race. If you enjoy good creative writing, please have a quick read here

All good my side of beautiful South Africa. I have taken a little break fro competitive paddling and enjoying the other natural beauty our country has to offer on my mountain bike. I am doing Sani2C with my old K2 marathon partner Shaun Biggs which I am super excited about. The last time I raced with Shaun was when we came 2nd at World Marathons in France back in 06. I always love racing with Shaun as he is tough as nails, never gives up but always has a jol. I just hope he waits for me on the downhills and single tracks as he is completely fearless as well.
I have been riding quite a bit on the hills and single tracks of Tokai Forest and really have enjoyed it, so for now the boat and paddles will collect a bit of dust as I allow my upper body some time off after 10 years of non stop competitive canoeing and let my legs do some burning for a change. Not sure when I will mae a full return to the boat but for now I am loving my 2 wheels :-)

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  1. Awesoem – Enjoy the MTB.
    May see ya there bru as I am doing the trail

    Power on and keep the spirit of adventure alive

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